frontrunner2020 is

James Wyatt, Nancy Brannon, Patte Kent, and Ron Turner.

We provide strategy, tactics, and tools to mobilize communities.

James Wyatt is the founder and owner of Venture Studios, Inc. Venture Studios provides a comprehensive suite of services including media strategy, production, and execution.

Nancy Brannon is a nationally recognized political consultant who has designed, led, and managed numerous winning campaigns for candidates at every level.

Patte Kent heads up our field operations. She is experienced running and winning large-scale ballot initiatives, from targeting and signature collection through verification and submission.

2012-12-10_Ron_after_30_pounds_lost_008_(3).jpgRon Turner is applying his executive technology and telecom experience to the frontrunner2020 effort. He specializes in telephone-based outreach, analysis, and mobilization at People Calling People.


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